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What treatments does a prosthodontist provide?

prosthodontist BismarckA prosthodontist is a specialist who focuses on treatments that repair damage and restore smiles after issues such as tooth decay or tooth loss. These providers complete extensive education in the field and practice their craft daily for optimal results.

The types of damage addressed in prosthodontics varies widely, as do the types of interventions used. Regardless of the treatment you receive, rest assured that it will help you flash a beautiful smile once again.

Prosthodontists Combine Education And Expertise To Craft Beautiful Smiles

After graduating from dental school, a prosthodontist will go on to complete a residency in this specialty area. That educational experience offers more in-depth instruction on the principles of restorations, along with hands-on practice.

After completing a post-graduate residency in prosthodontics, these specialists then go on to practice professionally, again taking advantage of daily opportunities to fine-tune their craft. This focus and repetition help to achieve optimal treatment outcomes for patients.

Common Prosthodontic Treatments

Typically, a patient will be referred to a prosthodontist if the patient’s teeth have been damaged or lost and the smile needs to be restored in some way. In such cases, any of the following treatments might be effective at helping the patient achieve their smile goals.

Your provider will use state-of-the-art materials that closely mimic the appearance of your biological tooth material. Whether you need the treated tooth to look nearly identical to the natural teeth in its vicinity or want a lifelike aesthetic in your dentures, we can help.

Furthermore, the restorations that we design are highly individualized, reflecting the unique shade and contour of your teeth so they will be a natural fit with your smile.

Your smile’s appearance is one of your greatest assets, and working with a specialist can help to maintain it. To learn more about the treatments we use to help make your smile whole again and to see examples of results in cases similar to yours, schedule a consultation at Dakota Prosthodontics and Implant Center.

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