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What is a full-mouth restoration?

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Some patients may consult with a prosthodontist to treat complex, multi-factorial problems that require a combination of interventions to address. Such a full-mouth restoration may correct issues with the teeth, such as damaged or missing teeth, or malocclusions that cause problems such as discomfort or difficulty chewing. Patients may pursue full-mouth restoration in a number of different circumstances, and different interventions may be used depending on the patient’s needs.

When is full-mouth restoration needed?

Patients may consider a full-mouth restoration when faced with a combination of problems, including any of the following:

Patients may consult with specialists for such comprehensive smile makeovers in order to get their desired results. Because the specialty focuses on restoring complete smiles, prosthodontists are often involved in developing such treatment plans. These specialists focus on custom-designed aesthetic and functional enhancements to patients’ smiles. They emphasize lifelike results that cannot be discerned from the patient’s biological teeth.

What should I expect from a full-mouth restoration?

A full-mouth restoration may involve multiple interventions, depending on the patient’s situation. Recommended treatments may include veneers, crowns, dental bridges or dental implants, as well as treatments for TMJ disorders and periodontal therapy.

After completing a comprehensive examination of your mouth that may also include imaging, such as x-rays, your provider will determine the best treatments to address your particular concerns. Patients may need multiple treatments in order to achieve complete smile restoration.

Your provider also will advise you as to the anticipated timeline for your treatment. Certain interventions may need to be scheduled in particular sequences, and you may be referred to other specialists for some aspects of your treatment.

If you want to overhaul your smile to correct aesthetic and functional issues, schedule a consultation at Dakota Prosthodontics and Implant Center to learn about the treatment options that can help you achieve your smile goals.

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