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Useful Tips for Clean and White Teeth?

oral hygiene BismarckDiligent oral hygiene is the most effective way to keep your teeth clean and white. If you have particular concerns about the look of your teeth, you can use special products to be sure your teeth look their best.

The Importance of Basic Oral Hygiene

Regular, diligent oral hygiene is the most important way to keep your teeth healthy and free of decay. Brushing and flossing keep your teeth clean, removing food particles and other substances that could lead to decay. Flossing removes any clinging particles, bits of food caught between the teeth, and plaque that collects just below the gum line. It also helps massage the gums, keeping them healthy.

In addition to at-home care, regular visits to your dentist help monitor the health of your teeth and gums and can find any possible problems before they become serious. Your dentist will remove plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces, measure the pockets between your teeth and the surrounding gum tissue, and use X-rays and digital photographs to find beginning cavities that might require treatment or restoration.

Special Products for Extra Care

If you have concerns about your teeth, such as their whiteness or sensitivity, you can use special over-the-counter products on a regular basis to help you feel more confident about your smile. Whitening toothpastes use gentle abrasives like baking soda to remove surface stains. You can also brush with baking soda mixed with water for a similar effect. Baking soda can also help reduce early symptoms of gingivitis.

If your teeth are overly sensitive, toothpaste for sensitive teeth helps reduce your teeth’s response to cold foods or other stimuli that cause your teeth to respond with discomfort. If sensitivity is severe, or if you have concerns about the whiteness of your teeth, talk to your dentist about prescription-strength treatments or in-office teeth whitening. With diligent home care, as well as regular dental visits and help from specialized products, your teeth will be clean, white, beautiful, and healthy.

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