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Problems A Cosmetic Dental Service Can Treat

man with nice smile implant dentistry conceptPoor oral health can have an undesirable effect on your smile. With that said, not every issue with the way your teeth look requires restorative services. If you have problems with the way your teeth look, there may be more conservative cosmetic services that can help. Our Bismarck, ND dental treatment center provides different cosmetic dental services for patients. We can find the right one to help you take on your worries over your appearance so that you enjoy a welcome confidence boost. We can also perform a thorough review to see if there are any oral health problems that might stand between you and the appearance that you would like to show to the world.

Can Something Be Done To Improve The Quality Of Your Smile?

You may feel that while you are not happy with your smile, the work needed to treat your issues will require too much time or effort. Letting these feelings stop you from asking about cosmetic services means living with doubts about the way you look for longer! We provide cosmetic services that deliver exciting results while limiting the amount of work involved in your care. We can discuss both your goals and your concerns before any procedure. In doing so, we can select the right service to give you the improvements that you want to see while we also take care to provide a service you feel comfortable with.

Planning Dental Work Around Your Needs And Concerns

The right approach to cosmetic dentistry can do more for your appearance and require less overall work than you anticipate. There are different treatment solutions that we offer our patients. Teeth whitening services help with the accumulation of particles that have left your smile dull and discolored. Through resin bonding, reshaping, and contouring services, we can make adjustments to tooth shape and size without the need for permanent restorations. Restorations in the forms of dental veneers and crowns are also available. Veneers are thin shells that cover the front surfaces of teeth while crowns offer more functional support by surrounding your tooth structure.

Tooth Loss Is A Cosmetic And Oral Health Problem We Can Treat

Tooth loss is a significant issue for your oral health and bite function. It is also one that can seriously impact your appearance. If this is a concern for you, our office can work with you on a restorative plan that calls for the placement of a dental implant. One implant can hold a single replacement tooth, but for larger restorations, we can discuss the strategic placement of multiple implants.

Talk To Dakota Prosthodontics And Implant Center In Bismarck, ND To Learn About Our Cosmetic Dental Services

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