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Permanent Dentures & Methods: 5 Benefits to Consider

Did you know dentures have been around for almost 3000 years? Archeologists found evidence of dentures dating as early as 700 BC. In all that time, people have been replacing their teeth with ivory, wood, bone, porcelain, and, more recently, plastic. But until recently with the innovation of permanent dentures, they have all been replacing the teeth the same way: by resting fake teeth on top of gums or healthy teeth.

Permanent dentures have revolutionized the process. Instead of resting on the gums, permanent dentures attach to pins permanently implanted in the bone. At Dakota Prosthetics and Implant Center, we have seen first-hand the many benefits our patients experience with this life-altering procedure. Here are just five of them.

1. Permanent Dentures Look Like Natural Teeth

The first thing many people notice about strangers is their smiles. Many people with dentures resist smiling due to denture slippage. Even when they do smile, dentures are set in plastic that may or may not match the person’s natural gum color. But permanent dentures are set in your natural gums, keeping them secure and blending into your natural skin tone.

2. They Even Feel Like Natural Teeth

No, your permanent new dentures won’t have nerve endings like natural teeth, so they won’t exactly feel like your old teeth. However, because they are implanted through the gums into the jaw, the nerve endings in your mouth can deliver a lot of information, providing a more natural teeth feel than traditional removable dentures. They will also allow you to regulate your bite more precisely. 

3. They Allow You to Let You Eat Naturally

Unlike removable dentures, permanent replacements allow you to bite and chew just as you would with your natural teeth. This means that your diet can include more healthy foods in their natural state instead of chopped or pureed like you might with dentures. Corn on the cob, steak, and fresh apples can all be back on the menu.

4. Enjoy Added Support to Your Face

Because the permanent denture solution allows teeth to be anchored in your jaw, they help support the bone and prevent bone loss. Healthy bones mean that your face retains its natural shape. And you’ll enjoy a supported structure in your jawline.

5. Permanent Dentures Reduce Pain

Because they are permanent, these dentures will not slide against your gums, causing sores. Instead, the teeth “float” over the tissue as they attach to posts affixed to the jaw. In addition, because they are permanent, there is no need to use adhesives that can irritate mouth tissue.

Learn more about permanent dentures, including these and other benefits, by giving us a call at Dakota Prosthetics and Implant Center. We can help you explore whether you are a good candidate for these innovative dentures and what the procedure will entail. 

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