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A lifetime of wear and tear can compromise your oral health to an extent that may lead to jaw and muscle pain as well as tooth deterioration or even tooth loss. These changes can often necessitate a full-mouth reconstruction.  To rehabilitate, rebuild and restore your oral health, we may need to design a comprehensive strategy to address all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

To restore your smile to a level that is healthier and stronger than ever before, your  treatment plan could include a combination of dental implants, bridges, veneers, crowns, TMJ therapy, or periodontal therapy. For the most comprehensive treatment, Dr. Lassle may also incorporate additional dental specialists such as periodontists (experts regarding the gums, connective tissues, and bone), oral surgeons (experts regarding surgical procedures of the face and jaws), orthodontists (experts in tooth movement, positioning, and alignment) and endodontists (experts in diseases which affect the nerve tissue within the teeth).

When is Full-Mouth Restoration Recommended?

There are a number of circumstances which may lead to the need for full mouth reconstruction. Many of these conditions can occur slowly over time until your oral health has become generally unstable, unsteady, or dysfunctional. The following conditions can be corrected through full-mouth restoration:

  • Substantial tooth loss due to tooth decay or traumatic injuries.
  • Damaged or fractured teeth.
  • Significantly worn teeth as the result of chronic acid erosion from foods, beverages, or uncontrolled acid reflux.
  • Chronic, destructive bruxism, tooth grinding, or clenching.
  • Long-term pain in the jaw or jaw muscles, chronic headaches, or pain due to bite problems.

Evaluation and Diagnostics

Dr. Lassle will conduct a comprehensive examination of your oral health with aid of a variety of diagnostic tools. Digital x-rays, photographs, detailed impressions of the upper and lower teeth, and study models of the teeth and your bite will provide a complete picture of your oral health.

With the information that is relevant to your case, Dr. Lassle will develop a step-by-step treatment outline for your full mouth reconstruction. This treatment plan will identify the problems that are affecting your oral health and explain how these conditions can be addressed. Each of these steps will be discussed with you in detail and your personal preferences will strongly influence the final course of your care.

For some dental conditions, there may be multiple treatment alternatives – for example, a missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant or a bridge. Other conditions may warrant additional treatment from other dental specialists. To discuss your full-mouth restoration, please contact us today.