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Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry can change lives. Many people suffer with imperfect smiles but they don’t have to. A cosmetic treatment can improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem. From teeth whitening to bonding porcelain veneers, our dentist can transform the most flawed smiles into beautiful works of art.

Our cosmetic dentistry practice offers a variety of smile-enhancing treatments including teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and the placement of porcelain crowns and veneers.

Teeth Whitening

A professional teeth whitening treatment is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your smile without making permanent alterations to the structures of teeth. With professional teeth whitening, you can enjoy a smile that’s up to ten shades brighter.

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have unsightly chips or cracks in your teeth, a cosmetic bonding treatment might be the perfect solution for concealing dental imperfections. Cosmetic bonding involves placing a tooth-colored compound called composite resin over damaged or stained areas of teeth. The same compound used for bonding treatments is used to place white fillings, which also help improve the aesthetics of a smile.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers can dramatically improve the most flawed-looking smiles. Both are made from porcelain, which closely resembles the luster and color of healthy tooth structure.

White porcelain crowns can transform a smile damaged by wear, dental injuries, and decay. Crowns are cap-like restorations that fit over all a tooth’s surface above the gums. This means that a crown will restore a broken or damaged tooth to its rightful shape and size. If many teeth are worn down or visibly damaged, a series of crowns can make a dramatic enhancement to one’s smile.

Veneers, on the other hand, are not restorations but cosmetic enhancements. These wafer-thin, tooth-shaped shells fit over the front sides of teeth to conceal an array of imperfections including intrinsic stains, chips, and jagged edges. Porcelain veneers can also provide the illusion of a perfectly straight and proportionate smile.

No smile is beyond repair. Cosmetic dental treatments and white restorations can give you a reason to smile with confidence again.

If you’re curious about cosmetic dentistry, call us today to reserve a smile makeover consultation with our dentist.

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