What is full-mouth restoration?

Sometimes called “full-mouth rehabilitation”, full-mouth restoration involves rebuilding or replacing all teeth within the oral cavity. The expertise of a prosthodontist ensures that patients receiving full-mouth restoration enjoy both ideal oral function and a youthful, healthy aesthetic. When all teeth are affected by failing restorations, decay, and severe wear, a patient may need a variety… Continue reading What is full-mouth restoration?

What dental procedures does a prosthodontist perform?

If you are in need of a smile restoration and want to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcomes, you may want to consult with a prosthodontist. These specialists blend art and science to place restorations that are both beautiful and functional. Because they specialize in restorations, prosthodontists are well-equipped to design appliances and prosthetics that… Continue reading What dental procedures does a prosthodontist perform?

What are my options for a full mouth restoration?

When your oral health has been severely compromised due to extensive wear and tear or the effects of oral diseases, you may need to consider a comprehensive overhaul of your smile. At first it can seem overwhelming to try to plan to upgrade your smile with a full mouth restoration. A number of different treatment… Continue reading What are my options for a full mouth restoration?

What is a full-mouth restoration?

  Some patients may consult with a prosthodontist to treat complex, multi-factorial problems that require a combination of interventions to address. Such a full-mouth restoration may correct issues with the teeth, such as damaged or missing teeth, or malocclusions that cause problems such as discomfort or difficulty chewing. Patients may pursue full-mouth restoration in a… Continue reading What is a full-mouth restoration?