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3 Roles Crowns Play In Smile Restoration

woman holding up 3 fingersThere are many ways in which a prosthodontic specialist can give you back your full smile. At our Bismarck, ND treatment office, we provide plans that include advanced restorations for edentulous (toothless) patients as well as those who only need some teeth replaced. As we plan your care, you can find that dental crowns offer support in a range of important ways. These durable, custom restorations respond to problems with teeth that are in poor health as well as with teeth that are already lost. We will work with you to provide a full response to your issues, one that lets you smile, speak, bite, and chew with restored confidence and comfort.

1. Crowns Restore Teeth Harmed By Advanced Decay And Physical Trauma

Teeth in poor health that have not yet been treated may need the protection offered by dental crowns. These restorations surround vulnerable teeth to protect healthy structure that remains after treatment. They also provide bite support in place of the teeth that they cover. The right restorations can offer lasting functional benefits as well as cosmetic improvements.

2. Crowns Can Protect Teeth With Old Fillings That Are No Longer Reliable

As part of your comprehensive smile restoration, we may recommend that you have old fillings removed and replaced with crowns. Older fillings can loosen over time, and some can even be lost! Problems like these make you vulnerable to infection and at risk of physical harm to your enamel. With lifelike crowns to protect these teeth, you are free from worry about problems with poor health and limited bite strength from teeth that have previously been treated. Regular dental checkups provide feedback about the condition and quality of fillings. If you start to worry about a restoration between appointments, make treatment a priority.

3. Crowns Can Help With The Restoration Of Your Incomplete Smile

Dental crowns can be set in place with dental implants. Once placed, they close gaps in smiles and restore oral health and appearances. We take care to provide restorations that are carefully designed to provide the ideal fit. This means that they stay in place without bothering neighboring teeth, look natural when you smile, and feel comfortable for many years. Being able to bite and chew with your restorations will be important, as this action leads to stimulation in the implants that will help preserve the health and density of your jawbone.

Talk To Your Bismarck, ND Prosthodontic Specialist About Restoring Your Smile With Dental Crowns

With custom restorations like dental crowns, we can proceed with important work to fully restore your smile. Crowns are relied on in many restorative and cosmetic services, including services that address tooth loss! To learn what roles dental crowns can play in our plans to fully restore your smile, call Dakota Prosthodontics & Implant Center in Bismarck, ND at (701) 255-6340.

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